French outdoor goods firm Lafuma has selected CenterStone Technologies' iVendix cloud computing application to provide Lafuma brand dealers with a 24/7 online ordering solution in Europe and the US.

The tool will let them view automated catalogues, check product availability, place orders, and track and monitor the status of those orders.

"Lafuma understands the urgency of modernising the way of conducting business with retailers through more efficient processes, real time information, and better customer service," said Romain Passot, sales director Lafuma Europe.

Other brands in the Lafuma group - Oxbow and Ober Jeans - already use iVendix, which will be rolled out first to Lafuma's furniture clients and later this summer to its outdoor clients.

Meanwhile in the US, CenterStone will open up the Lafuma, Millet, Eider, Killy and Oxbow brands for business.