The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the Design Trust for Public Space are teaming up to carry out a  comprehensive study of the fashion industry's presence in New York's Garment District and its place in the city's creative economy.

Called 'Made in Midtown,' the report will ultimately recommend strategies to support New York City's industrial identity, while balancing the many competing interests of Midtown's stakeholders.

It will also help guide policies for other light manufacturing industries city-wide.

In the first of a two-pronged approach, the Design Trust will interview key fashion industry stakeholders - including designers, manufacturing workers, fashion school deans, and others - in the city's fashion production clusters.

This track will introduce the industry's ecosystem - including its complex production network and impact on public space - to a broad public.

The study's second part will delve into all aspects of industry production and support systems, mapping its presence at block, neighbourhood and citywide scales.

This track will culminate in a report to city agencies and local stakeholders.