Lands' End, the direct merchant of traditionally styled casual clothing, accessories and shoes, has selected a suite of integrated analytic software solutions to help monitor information related to its customers' catalogue purchases, track inventory levels, and assist in analysing large volumes of customer and purchase data.
The solution from Business Objects consists of a number of modules that will enable Lands' End to optimise sales productivity and marketing efficiency, track marketing campaigns and customers' response. This is designed to provide better and more readily accessible information about performance.

The retailer also intends to build an application to monitor inventory levels using. Last year, Lands' End mailed 269 million full-priced catalogues to customers, and the ability to keep featured items in stock and ship them to customers promptly is critical to the success of its business. With its new software the company can target items that are selling faster than expected and take action to prioritise and stock inventory if levels are running low.

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