Plus-size clothing retailer Lane Bryant has developed a system for plus-size women to use when buying jeans, using colour indicators.

Red, Yellow and Blue fits have been developed by the fashion company, based on individual shape in a sizing system called Right Fit. A Yellow body type is straight from the waist to the hips, a Red fit is slightly curved from the waist to the hips and a Blue type has a small waist and is fullest at the hips.

It follows a study was recently conducted by Lane Bryant, which scanned 14,000 women's bodies to find out more information about how plus-size bodies are shaped and how they are best fitted.

"We understand that no two plus-size bodies are alike and have now created Right Fit to provide a better fit for every woman no matter her shape or size," said LuAnn Via, president of Lane Bryant.

The retailer is also launching a new sizing system to go along with the Right Fit jeans, ranging from 1 to 8.

According to a report published by just-style earlier this month (20 July), the US plus-size market should continue grow at least 10% annually for the coming years, topping $62bn by 2012.