US and Chinese negotiators are due set to meet today to hold the fifth and latest round of talks aimed at slowing surging imports of Chinese-made clothes onto the US market.

The two-day meeting in Washington will involve delegations led by David Spooner, the chief US negotiator on textiles trade, and Lu Jianhua, director general at China's Department of Foreign Trade.

The US government has already imposed growth limits, called safeguards, on certain Chinese apparel categories such as cotton shirts and pants, capping growth at 7.5 per cent until Dec. 31.

But Beijing and Washington are keen to put in place a more comprehensive agreement that would lock in growth rates for a wider range of apparel and textile categories, similar to a deal China and the European Union signed in June.

However, many US textile industry participants are downbeat that the negotiations will reach an agreement, accusing China of taking a hard-line approach that made any compromise unlikely.