An unprecedented number of US lawmakers have come out in support of legislation to eliminate import tariffs on about 60% of all shoes sold in the United States. 

The Affordable Footwear Act (S 2372/ HR 3934) now has support from 100 US Representatives of all political opinions it emerged yesterday (3 March).

Introduced less than six months ago, the bi-partisan legislation wants to remove the shoe tax that applies to all lower- to moderately-priced footwear as well as all children's shoes.
The depression-era shoe tax was implemented to protect the domestic footwear industry.

Yet its critics argue that today, with 99% of all footwear sold in America being imported, the shoe tax has not only outlived its purpose but is also unavoidable. 

The regressive shoe tax on footwear imports is highest - as much as 67% - on the least expensive shoes. 

The cost is passed on to consumers as a hidden shoe tax that can be nearly 40% of the price of a pair of shoes.