New tools to train users and improve supply chain visibility and control are among the features added to the latest version of Lawson's enterprise software package.

Lawson QuickStep Fashion focuses on product creation and data management, planning, sourcing, customer order management, raw material purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain management, warehouse management, product costing and integrated financial management.

And it is said to support around three-quarters of the core business processes of both fashion sourcing companies and manufacturers.

Included in the latest version are comprehensive business process documentation and more than 160 educational videos to help train and guide users through common fashion industry business processes.

It also includes support for a multi-division, multi-warehouse environment, US chart of accounts and sales tax information, as well as European sales tax processes.

This means sourcing companies can now benefit from supply chain orders that link related orders - which ultimately helps improve supply chain visibility and control.

It can also support industry-specific processes such as "cut, make, trim" and help organisations better manage purchase order processes.

Fashion companies that use the software may also benefit from the addition of joint dispatch management on sales orders, which helps ensure that orders are complete enough to send out.

In addition, the solution offers drop-ship management and pre-configured processes for handling of royalty payments, agent commissions and respective discounts.

"With QuickStep Fashion we can quickly provide fashion companies with a flexible and scalable platform to help improve their operational performance in the short-term, support their future growth plans and cope with their evolving business models," said Frédéric Champalbert, general manager, Fashion, for Lawson.