The Leather and Allied Technology Transfer Network (LATTNET) project is to hold a seminar called 'The Leather Perspective - from conception to the consumer' next Thursday.

The project, funded under the DTI Focus Technical Programme, was launched with the objectives of helping tanners to take up various technologies, and to strengthen technical knowledge about leather in the leather supply chain, particularly among manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

The LATTNET project has now been running since March 1999 and participants have already felt the value of increased and improved communication throughout the leather supply chain. From seminars and events already held, it has become clear that all SMEs in the supply chain can benefit from a better understanding of each others' businesses, production methods, technology, problems and experiences.

To further develop this understanding, a one day seminar is being organised. The Leather Perspective - from conception to the consumer, will cover all aspects of the supply chain and the objectives include the explanation of the importance and impact of each link in the leather supply chain relative to other links up or down the chain.

Expert speakers will cover complex technical aspects in depth, and will clearly explain the function of, and technologies employed in, their specialities.

For further information contact: Christine Powley-Williams tel: 01604 679938 or e-mail:

By Peter Embling