Lectra has signed a deal with X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone to deliver technology that improves the speed at which companies communicate colour across the fashion supply chain.

As part of the agreement, X-Rite/Pantone technologies will be integrated into Lectra's fashion solutions - including Lectra Fashion PLM, Kaledo, and Modaris 3D Fit - to make it easier for designers to capture and manage colour.

This should also help designers communicate their chosen colour to team members, sub-contractors and professional partners around the world.

It will also help validate the feasibility of a specific colour for a specific fabric, reducing the number of lab-dips necessary and allowing decisions closer to market.

X-Rite's solutions include ColorMunki, an all-in-one solution for selecting, creating and controlling new colours and Pantone Fashion + Home colour references.

"Colour is critical in design, but it is an expensive business that can be very hard to control," says Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

"Integrating X-Rite and Pantone technology into Lectra's solutions will provide designers with a tool to enhance the quality and speed of exchanges between design, development and production, while keeping to the company's original design concept as closely as possible."