Lectra Systemes, a technology solutions provider to the textiles industry, today announced the official North American launch of LectraOnline, a business-to-business Internet offer designed to help its customers achieve online success.

LectraOnline brings together CAD/CAM, virtual reality and the Internet and combines them with the company's experience in the textile markets.

LectraOnline gives users access to a secure, Web-based platform that allows for shared information with business partners around the world. LectraOnline provides the missing link between e-design, e-manufacturing and e-sales, thus the process of launching a collection is shortened, the production of garments is more streamlined, and new avenues for sales are utilised.

Online applications such as marker making, 3D virtual garment design, color management and virtual sales catalogues allow users to leverage their current technology to better serve their customers.

With this new offering, Lectra's textile, apparel, retail distribution, footwear and technical textile sector customers can create, manufacture and sell merchandise electronically.

"We are very excited about the launch of LectraOnline in the United States," said Daniel Harari, chairman and chief executive officer of Lectra Systemes. "The launch of LectraOnline reinforces our commitment to being a cutting-edge company in the new millennium. We look forward to continued success."

About Lectra Systemes
Lectra Systemes is a worldwide provider of software, CAD/CAM equipment and services for industries using textiles, leather and other soft goods, such as apparel, textiles, retail distribution, footwear, luggage and leather goods, furniture and furnishings, automotive, aeronautics, nautical, and technical textiles. Lectra makes more than 88 percent of its sales outside France each year thanks to an extensive international network of 38 subsidiaries and 78 affiliates in more than 100 countries serving its 10,000 customers. For more information on Lectra, visit www.lectra.com