New features to help reduce product development times have been built into the latest version of Romans Cad, Lectra's software suite for the footwear and leather goods industries.

An integrated data management tool allows decision-makers, designers and suppliers to work together and share information in real time, company-wide.

This, in turn, helps streamline teamwork, development cycles, and the collection design process.

Integration with existing CAD and ERP systems also means data can be re-used when designing new models, which can cut development and production costs.

And analysis of production costs (material consumption, seam lengths, hourly costs) provides a realistic estimate before a physical prototype is made.

Lasts can be scanned and visualised in 3D, and the new Romans Cad 3D Sketch module allows designers to sketch directly onto a 3D digital last. This also helps cut development times.

The knock-on impact of the new features, says Lectra, is that Romans Cad V9 gives manufacturers more room to manoeuvre as they tackle rising production and development costs.

The software allows them to focus on adding value to models, reducing design and production times as well as the number of physical prototypes.