Lectra has enhanced its Kaledo textile design suite to offer a wider range of creative tools along with improved usability for speed, control and accuracy.

Fashion companies "need to find the right balance between creativity and fast production," explains CEO Daniel Harari.

"With the added pressure of cost constraints, finding a design solution to secure creative ideas, while accelerating the workflow is critical to keep pace with the shifting fashion environment."

The new Kaledo V3R3 offers an enhanced colour palette and tools to create and manage colourways more effectively on printed, woven or knitted fabrics. It also encourages designers to improve workflow and retain better control over their designs.

"Information is reported in an intuitive and visual way that allows teams to communicate among themselves, but also with suppliers, for realistic fabrics with a minimum of error and reduced frequency of wasted samples," adds Lectra's fashion marketing director Anastasia Charbin.