Formal men's wear maker Jack Victor has integrated Lectra product development and production solutions within its Montreal-based manufacturing operation.

The move is part of the company's commitment to its Canadian operations, where it is combing growing demand for its products with greater quality, speed and efficiency in its manufacturing process.

The fashion company produces high quality men's wear including tailored suits, sportcoats, trousers and formalwear which are sold in department stores, specialty retailers and small boutiques around the world.

It has incorporated Lectra's pattern-making and marker-making solutions within its product development department, to increase control, flexibility and capacity. Cut order planning and optimisation solutions, as well as Vector automated fabric cutters, are also present within Jack Victor's cutting department.

"We have been able to optimise our cutting capacity and achieve substantial material savings, both of which help us support a growing demand and continue providing the highest quality products," explained Mario Rosarini, cutting department manager.