Technology specialist Lectra has upgraded its Modaris 2D/3D pattern making and grading solution with new features to speed up creation, accelerate sampling, and faciliate teamwork.

The upgraded Modaris V8 is designed to drive collaboration during the product development process, with new tools to improve product approval processes and digital file exchange. In particular, the company says, it will help fashion firms face the complexities of an extended product development process, and the constant pressure for new, high-quality products to reach the market quickly, by ensuring the smooth exchange of quality data throughout the supply chain.

Specifically, the upgraded solution offers the ability to create and fine-tune products more easily for faster approval; to industrialise patterns more quickly for a smoother assembly process; and to position and grade logos and graphics in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

Including over 300 fabrics in the online library, and standard or customised 3D mannequins from size and fit specialist Alvanon, Modaris V8 is also designed to make sampling faster. 

"Modaris has been a flagship solution in the fashion industry for decades," says Céline Choussy Bedouet, chief marketing and communications officer for Lectra. "With this newest version our customers, across the entire product development ecosystem, will benefit from the ability to drive a state-of-the-art collaborative process, ensuring data consistency, end-product quality and finally faster time to market."