First unveiled at the IMB technology show in May, Lectra's new mass production Vector cutting systems - VectorFashion MP, VectorLingerie MP and VectorFurniture MP - have now been launched onto the market.

The systems are targeted to the different cutting needs of different end-users, from the delicate, fine and elastic fabrics with numerous small pieces required in lingerie production to the larger plies with increasingly complex markers processed by fashion manufacturers.

As Pierre-Michel Richer, Vector product manager explains: "The new Vector MP line addresses these very different industry challenges with specific, dedicated technology."

High productivity and precision, regardless of the shapes to be cut and the materials used, are claimed. Lectra also says that markers are optimised to generate substantial material savings.

The Vector MP line is equipped with a bristle block self-cleaning system that helps prolong use in intensive production conditions.

In addition, the Eclipse option, which enables cutting while the material advances automatically, increases Vector MP productivity by up to 10 per cent.