Technology specialist Lectra has unveiled a new supply chain programme, designed to control the chain of data between brands, retailers and suppliers, and reduce time to market.

With trends moving the apparel industry towards full digitalisation, the need to secure data is increasing, says Lectra, ensuring what it calls a "robust and connected" supply chain. According to the company, the new programme guarantees data integrity across digital exchanges to cut development time, boost productivity, improve product quality and fit, and reduce time to market.

Contractors and their suppliers do not always use the same versions of software applications, and as a result, valuable information is frequently compromised, Lectra says. This can lead to costly errors and confusion in product development and production, resulting in lost time, efficiency and productivity for both parties.

"For contractors and suppliers, keeping in step with the fast-paced fashion industry has accelerated the mutual need for digital data along the supply chain," explains Céline Choussy Bedouet, chief marketing and communications. "But the quality of data exchange has not evolved at the same momentum. Lectra's programme expertly fills this gap to support our customers as they compete in this rapid market."

In addition to providing in-depth analyses of current co-development processes, Lectra's supply chain programme offers a customised action plan to reduce the cost of product development, share fashion industry best practices, eliminate non value-added activities and ultimately improve product quality and lead times.