A new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for the fashion industry, which integrates design tools and product development functions with end-to-end collection management features, has been unveiled by Lectra.

Lectra Fashion PLM V2R1 is a modular and scalable tool that helps to streamline the complex business of bringing a collection to market.

It includes modules for line planning, scheduling, costing, sourcing and performance monitoring, as well as also process-based applications for fashion design, technical specifications, pattern-making, 3D prototyping and sample development.

"In these tough times, bringing the right product to market at the right time is crucial to staying ahead of the field," said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

"Lectra Fashion PLM supports fashion companies as they seek to deliver high-quality, cost-effective and on-trend collections in a timely manner, season after season."

Enhanced workflow management features help synchronise product development status and workflow management milestones.

And workflow management follows product development progress - not the reverse - so that each fashion company can adapt the order of tasks and progress flowcharts to their individual working methods.

Men's shirts and formal wear specialist Prominent Europe is using the system to support its expansion into casual wear and women's wear.

"It will link our three European offices in Spain, France and the UK, and will allow us to collaborate directly with six key Asian hubs: India, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand," explains chief executive Nigel Lugg.

Features that enable close collaboration within and between teams include improved notification to ensure key participants in the collection development process are kept up to date on changes made along the value chain.