Modaris V8R2 focuses specifically on 3D virtual prototyping

Modaris V8R2 focuses specifically on 3D virtual prototyping

Technology specialist Lectra has launched the latest version of its Modaris pattern making, grading and prototyping 2D/3D solution to offer greater speed, efficiency and precision in product development. 

Modaris V8R2 focuses specifically on 3D virtual prototyping with powerful 3D simulation and collaboration tools, the company says, helping pattern makers to develop patterns faster and speed up the decision-making process. By reducing or eliminating physical prototyping, product development is less expensive and the time to market is as close as possible to trend detection.

Pattern makers can now share 360-degree videos, accessible on any device. In response, designers can visualise, comment, and approve the style and fit using the new 3D Style module.

Modaris V8R2 also improves the quality of 3D simulations and expands its library with new assets including 3D top-stitching effects, lighting studios, Pantone and Natural Color System.

In addition, the solution is now compatible with Vizoo, a high-quality scanner that brings a heightened realism to the appearance of fabric swatches, and with other 3D solutions such as Maya, 3DS Max, and Iray to make the digital renderings of the prototypes more true-to-life and accurate.

Meanwhile, a new dart feature will help pattern makers modify a dart in half of the usual time, the company claims, resulting in a 50-90% increase in overall pattern making speed. 

The solution is also able to manage different units of measurement. With Modaris V8R2, Lectra has made it possible for pattern makers and external suppliers to guarantee size compliance, regardless of the measurement systems used in the countries where production occurs. 

"We are entering the information age, and we are catering to pattern makers who are dealing with consumers with different tastes, of all body shapes and sizes," says Céline Choussy, chief marketing and communications officer at Lectra.

"Our pattern makers have hundreds of collections to deliver and no time to spare for errors. What we are aiming to do is making their everyday work environment easier for them, by providing the tools to streamline the development process and reduce the number of reworks to achieve the right fit the first-time."