Leftgear.com today launched its newest feature, "Style Chat," an online forum giving fashionistas worldwide a unique opportunity to gather and share their Left Coast (a.k.a. West Coast) fashion- and style-related stories, tips and insights. With Style Chat, leftgear.com has created the first virtual meeting place for avid Left Coast style watchers. "We wanted to take advantage of the Internet's potential as an interactive and community-building tool to provide users with a place to gather and discuss their favorite subject -- fashion," said leftgear.com President Paige Dunn. "Style Chat brings leftgear.com one step closer to our goal of becoming the leading online portal for Left Coast style." Style Chat also allows leftgear.com to pass along to its designers any comments on what fashions users would like to see offered on leftgear.com in the future. Style Chat topics address various aspects of Left Coast life. Leftgear Notions lets users share fashion and design tips, while Style Sheet allows them to discuss past and current issues of leftgear.com's e-mail newsletter of the same name. In Left Coast Life, users talk about fashion happenings on the Left Coast. Talk Design will occasionally feature a leftgear.com fashion designer, allowing users to sneak a peek behind the scenes of the exciting world of fashion.Style Chat is powered by Inclusion, Inc., a full service provider of software for hosted and managed Internet communities.