Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has extended its Tencel range by launching a new micro version of its A100 fibre, developed for use in knitted sportswear fabrics.

When incorporated in blends with wool and synthetic fibres, Tencel A100 acts as a softener when used with wool and as a moisture manager with synthetic fibres. The new microfibre, Lenzing says, offers superior colour brightness and high gloss shine and, when compared to cotton, is 38% more intensive in terms of depth of colour.

It also leaves fewer wrinkles after washing, compared with other fibres such as viscose - an "important quality edge for premium brand suppliers." 

“As a result of the innovative, micro A100 fibre type, new opportunities are opening up both in the lingerie sector and in upmarket fashion with a high quality standard,” said Dieter Eichinger, vice president of apparel at Lenzing.

The company says it is evaluating the new microfibre's use in llingerie for sportswear, as well as legwear, with Eichinger explaining that the segment “promises ideas for developments”.