Cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing is promoting Modal's eco-friendly attributes to reflect its new production technology.

The company said Lenzing Modal is Co2 neutral because pulp and fibre production takes place at the same site, which leads to the recovery of excess energy, chemicals and wood substances.

Lezing Modal will now be available in greater quantities and bleached with oxygen to make the fibre more environmentally friendly, the group added.

As a result, the slogan 'Makes the world a softer place' will change to 'Co2 neutral softness by Edelweiss technology'.

"Expanding the fibre's image from softness to eco-friendliness mirrors the changes in the demands from the marketplace," said marketing director Andreas Dorner.

"Today customers not only seek a high-quality product. They want to be sure that it was produced in a fair and eco-friendly way." 

Lenzing reaffirmed its full-year guidance earlier this month, but said it expects to come in at the lower end of expectations because of a continuing decline in average fibre prices.