Levi Strauss & Co has entered into another affray with jeans maker Guess Inc, who it accuses of stealing its arced stitching design for the second time.

According to a federal lawsuit filed in San Francisco, Levi alleges that Guess is selling denim jeans and jackets with a "highly similar" stitching pattern. It says the infringement is causing incalculable and irreparable damage to the value of Levi Strauss' trademark and good name.

Levi Strauss is now asking the court to block sales of infringing clothing, make Guess hand over any profit from the clothing already sold, and award damages.

The two companies met in the courts in 1996 when Levi Strauss - which owns two US trademarks for its stitching design - sued Guess for using its stitching design. This lawsuit ended with an out of court settlement.

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