Levi Strauss has agreed to give a three per cent pay rise to clothing workers in San Antonio and Texas. Over 3,000 workers will benefit from the new deal. 

UNITE, the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees, ratified the new contract with the San Francisco-based clothing manufacturer calling for a three per cent pay increase for each of the next three years, improved medical and pension benefits and additional job protection. 

Levi has two plants in San Antonio: a 600-employee sewing plant with union workers and a non-union finishing plant with 540 workers.  

The union also secured additional job protections from a company that has laid off thousands of workers in recent years. Increased competition in the jeans market prompted Levi to close half its 22 plants in the United States and Canada last year. Some 6,000 workers lost their jobs in the closure.  

This is the fourth contract negotiated by the union with Levi that both sides deemed positive. "We believe (the contract) is in keeping with our history of partnership with UNITE and that it is a fair and reasonable agreement that has been reached," said a Levi spokeswoman.