Levi Strauss is trialling Intels RFID sensor platform in-store

Levi Strauss is trialling Intel's RFID sensor platform in-store

Denim giant Levi Strauss has been working with Intel to trial a new retail sensor platform, designed by the technology firm to deliver near real-time inventory monitoring.

The Intel Retail Sensor Platform is understood to be being trialled in Levi's San Francisco Plaza store, giving near 100% visibility into inventory.

The RFID-based system is designed to make retail radio frequency identification deployments easier, as well as enable inventory tracking to be performed in real time, according to the RFID Journal. The platform comprises ultra high-frequency (UHF) RFID readers with integrated antennas, wired to an Intel Gateway device that forwards the data to a server. The platform also includes an Intel application programming interface (API) that allows RFID systems integrators to write software for linking the RFID data to a store's existing software.

In an online video, Noah Treshnell, Levi Strauss' senior VP of retail and global retail capabilities, said: “We're interested in technology that is going to enhance and improve the consumer experience in our stores.”

This, he said, can be done through inventory accuracy and inventory visibility. “When a consumer comes into our stores and they find what they want in terms of the product, they find it on the shelf, in their size and it's available. We're also looking to power our stylists in stores with the right tools to deliver superior service to our consumer.”

Intel is understood to be preparing to launch more pilots of the platform with several other retailers.

A spokesperson for Levi Strauss told just-style the proof of concept has been running in the Plaza store for a couple of months, and that a decision has not yet been made on whether to expand the pilot.