Following a nine-mill trial of Freeborders' new CPM raw materials management software, Levi Strauss & Co is now rolling out the solution in all of its mills worldwide.

Freeborders, which provides Collaborative Product Management (CPM) solutions for the global retail industry, launched the commercial release of its product to global brands and manufacturers earlier this month.

Prior to this, the CPM solution was tested and implemented in Levi Strauss' largest textile mills, with each mill utilising the system for all of its fabric management needs. Included in the nine mills were Burlington Industries, Cone Mills, Galey & Lord and Swift Denim.

According to Paul Coletta, Freeborders' senior vice president of marketing, the company's web-based technology provides improved quality control and reduced cycle time, resulting in fewer claims and an average decrease in product cycle time of two weeks.

"The release truly confirms the value that we create with this application," he explains. "Levi's is a strong validation of the value the CPM Component has and could create for an apparel company. This is a proven application."

Freeborders is currently in talks and has pilot programs running with other retail and apparel companies.

By Mona Frastaci