Levi's has announced a new ad campaign to be carried across print, television and the Internet. The company hopes to keep existing customers while also appealing to the crucial 18 to 24-year-old market. A one-off TV ad will also re-introduce Levi's cord jeans. The "Make Them Your Own(TM)" campaign launches with a print and broadcast advertising campaign, digital marketing efforts, a traveling "Make Them Your Own" event linked to the brand's association with music and interactive events."We're excited about the 'Make Them Your Own' campaign because it came directly from what our consumers told us - that they want to express who they are by what they wear - and because it resonates with consumers of all ages," said Sean Dee, Levi's brand marketing director.The fall advertising campaign, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day, will run nationally in two flights between now and the end of the holiday season. It comprises both a print component, including a Vogue supplement and ads in major publications, and a broadcast component, including new commercials. The campaign is product and brand-focused, calling out specific products in both print and broadcast ads. The fall effort aims to maintain the Levi's brand appeal to customers of all ages and increase relevancy with the important 18-24 year-old market.The print campaign launched Tuesday (July 25) and will run in a Vogue supplement, GQ, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated.Also targeting all ages of consumers, a holiday spot will celebrate the return of the classic Levi's cord and will run November 6 through the holiday season. The "Make Them Your Own" campaign continues with a spring spot that will launch in February and run through May.For information about the new blueprint in denim, please contact Sandy Westlake at