Fit for the job: Levis Curve ID goes online

Fit for the job: Levi's Curve ID goes online

US denim giant Levi's has launched the online destination for its new shape-fitting jeans Curve ID, which sizes up the shopper through a number of stages.

The company's web page, called the Digital Fitting Experience, asks women to identify their Curve ID fit by completing an quiz, which is followed by the step-by-step measurement process.

"We started out by listening to the internal dialogue women have with themselves when trying on jeans," said Mary Alderete, Levi’s VP of global women's marketing. “What we found is that 54% of women try on at least 10 pairs of jeans, yet when the jeans don’t fit, women blame themselves. Our research showed that 80% of women around the world fall into three distinct body shapes, so one size could never fit all.

"Our goal is to engage women online with our interactive, custom fit experience that will match them with their perfect Levi’s Curve ID fit whether they are a Slight Curve, Demi Curve or Bold Curve. We believe this will change the way women shop for jeans forever. ”

The Curve ID website, available in 50 countries and in 20 different languages, also has the inside story on the fit science and interviews with designers.