Demonstrating its continued support of music, Levi's® Jeans announced today its sponsorship of double platinum R&B recording star D'Angelo's summer concert tour. Michael "D'Angelo" Archer will tour the States as the headlining act of Levi's® Presents D'Angelo -- the brand's second summer concert series. The tour includes a partnership with PAX, an anti-gun violence organization, designed to engage and activate youth to take a stand against the gun violence epidemic.

The national tour, which begins July 29 in Chicago and travels to more than 20 markets, was announced during an event featuring D'Angelo and 2,000 students at Hamilton High School. Sharing the stage with D'Angelo to kick-off this summer's activities were Columbine High School student Devon Adams; PAX Co-founders Daniel Gross and Talmage Cooley; and PAX Students Co-Chairs Ben Gelt and David Winkler.

During the event, D'Angelo was the first to sign this year's Levi's® Denim Wall to show his support for the powerful movement of PAX's Youth Petition to End Gun Violence. The petition represents America's youth and is intended to foster the implementation of common sense solutions for gun violence. This summer Gelt and Winkler will travel with the Levi's® Presents D'Angelo tour to collect signatures on the wall. Each signature collected contributes to PAX's goal of gathering one million signatures. Individuals not attending a D'Angelo show this summer can log onto to support the petition by signing the Levi's® Virtual Denim Wall. Additionally, the Levi's® brand will donate $1 to PAX for each person who signs the Virtual Denim Wall, up to $25,000.

In addition to contributing their signatures to the petition, concert- goers will be encouraged by Gelt and Winkler to start their own PAX Students chapter. PAX Students are local chapters of the national organization designed to empower young people to make their voices heard. These local chapters give students the opportunity to create and manage programs that will have a positive impact at both the community and national levels. Local PAX Student chapters can be started by anyone with a start-up kit which are available free through a $250,000 grant from the Levi Strauss Foundation to support the efforts of the PAX Students network. Kits are available at D'Angelo shows this summer and at the PAX website Local organizations already in existence can tap into PAX by joining the PAX Students network.

"It is monumental for us to be able to reach out to so many young adults simultaneously about anti-violent behavior and how it can benefit society," says Dan Gross, founder of PAX. "D'Angelo and Levi's® have given us the opportunity to communicate our message on a local and national level -- and this is what we have been striving toward since we founded PAX."

This campaign marks the second summer in which Levi's® and PAX are partnering in the fight against youth gun violence. Last year Levi's® and PAX went on the road with Fuse '99 featuring the Goo Goo Dolls to help "De- Fuse the Violence" via grassroots activism. Together, Levi's® and PAX collected more than 40,000 signatures for the PAX Youth Petition to End Gun Violence.

A Note About Levi's® Presents D'Angelo

Tickets for the tour begin going on sale in mid-June. Consumers can log onto for more information on Levi's® Presents D'Angelo tour dates and news. Consumers can also visit select May Co. stores for a chance to win tickets to this summer's tour.

In addition to D'Angelo performing on the main stage, the Levi's® 1st Stage(TM) will be dedicated to showcasing emerging artists. The Levi's 1st Stages are side stages, permanently built into SFX amphitheaters nationwide, designed to give emerging artists a chance to experience participating on a high-profile summer tour. Levi's® is currently seeking local talent to perform on these stages via a call for entries at

Honoring Hamilton High

As part of the morning's event, Hamilton High School's Students for Peace was honored for its leadership role in the fight against gun violence. To date, the club has implemented programming that educates students about the importance of ending gun violence and recently met with California legislators and the California Assembly regarding pending legislation. In recognition of its contributions, PAX awarded the Students for Peace a $2,000 grant and named it the first official PAX Students Chapter.

PAX was co-founded by Talmage Cooley and Dan Gross in 1997. PAX's mission is to create a powerful national movement, which brings all Americans together in support of common sense social and political solutions to the gun violence epidemic. Through an innovative communications and media strategy, PAX will amplify the gun violence issue, empower individual action and unify the grassroots movement, leading ultimately to a passionate and informed demand for fundamental change.

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