As part of its commitment to responsible sourcing, global sourcing giant Li & Fung has joined the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), becoming a participant of its Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which aims to help improve working conditions in factories globally.

The Brussels-based FTA is a network that helps businesses move towards sustainability in their international supply chains.

As part of its engagement with the BSCI, Li & Fung will benefit from social audits across its supply chain, training activities and dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders.

"Li & Fung is looking forward to joining the many good companies involved with the Foreign Trade Association," says Rick Darling, head of government and public affairs at Li & Fung. "We have a significant presence in the EU and it continues to be an important part of our global portfolio.

"With the proliferation of trade agreements, new regulations related to sustainability and greater degrees of transparency, keeping on top of these important issues remains a continued challenge. FTA will help us maintain our knowledge base in the EU and ensure we stay ahead of the market as it evolves."

The FTA says Li & Fung's membership" illustrates the value and relevance" of the association's services, aimed at supporting businesses through international advocacy and practical supply chain management. The sourcing giant joins more than 1,800 FTA member companies that have commited to creating more sustainable trade.

"I am delighted about Li & Fung's decision to join FTA and benefit from our wide range of services and tailored support designed to help our members succeed in a fast ever-changing environment," adds Christian Ewert, FTA director general. "Similarly, I have no doubt that Li & Fung's vast experience as one of the world's largest sourcing and distribution platforms, and its know-how in customer relationships, supplier network, and operations can help us get closer to our goal of finding practical solutions towards sustainability in the global supply chain."