Limited Too, the retailer of fashion clothing and accessories for pre-teen and early teenage girls, recently made strides to improve its already successful retail website by allowing visitors to interact with its fashion line in 3D.

Since the launch, Limited Too has seen a significant lift in sales of featured 3D items.

When the company decided to add 3D technology, it turned to Virtue and its Virtuoso suite of 3D tools. Red Rover, a web integrator, developed Limited Too's site.

"Virtue's 3D technology allows us to overcome some of the merchandising limitations experienced in online retail," said Miki Racine, director, Internet & e-commerce at Limited Too. "By using 3D, our customers get a better feel for the online merchandise in terms of color, patterns and fabric texture. Since our customer is the 7 to 14-year-old girl, it also makes the shopping experience more fun and interactive, which is very important to the Limited Too brand."

"We are very happy that a successful online retailer like Limited Too has found continued brand success through the use of our technology," said Lori Dustin, president of Virtue 3D. "I believe an increasing number of online consumers will demand more than a listing and flat picture of a product. Now that Virtue has made 3D over the web a reality, the popularity of 3D shopping will increase sharply."

The Limited Too website supplements its retail section with quizzes, polls, discussion forums, games and many other items of interest to its young customers.

About Limited Too
Limited Too offers the best of trends and fashions with a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. The company's goal is to provide fashion-conscious girls with a fun and exciting place to shop. For more information, visit the company's website at

About Virtue
Virtue, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of technologies and solutions that enable the delivery and rendering of 3D images over the Internet and other networks. Virtue's unique, proprietary technologies were designed to solve the two major obstacles of manipulating complex 3D content in networked environments: transmission and rendering. Virtue's technologies and solutions enable network-based 3D graphics applications to operate even over minimal network bandwidth with limited computing power. Virtue is privately held, with headquarters in Israel and a US subsidiary. Further information can be found at

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