Swedish fashion retailer Lindex has been named as one of the world's largest users of organic cotton and sustainable materials such as lyocell and recycled polyester.

According to Textile Exchange's latest report, 25% of the company's total assortment consists of organic cotton as part of its sustainability commitment.

"We continuously work to increase the share of fibres from more sustainable sources and are very proud of our progress" says Anna-Karin Dahlberg, production support manager at Lindex. "Our goal is that all our cotton should be more sustainable and that 80% of all our clothes come from more sustainable fibres by 2020."

The company adds it has now reached a level where more than half of its total assortment comes from sustainable materials.

Additionally it is also working on improving its production processes in order to reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals.

This year's Organic Cotton Market Report and the 2016 Preferred Fibre & Materials Market Report, published by international non-profit organisation Textile Exchange, highlight leading companies in the field and detail what they are doing to improve sustainability in the textile value chain. 

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