• FY 2012 adjusted EBITDA expected US$125-140m
  • Double-digit comps rises for Kate Spade, Lucky Brand
  • Comps fall for Juicy Couture

Lifestyle brand business Liz Claiborne Inc has lowered its full-year earnings guidance despite announcing strong comparable sales increases for two of its brands in pre-Christmas trading.

The US company said its Kate Spade brand achieved comps rises of 81% and 39% in November and December respectively, while for Lucky Brand, the increases were 16% and 21%. However, Juicy Couture recorded comps falls of 7% in November and 5% in December.

“Comps at Juicy were generally in line with our expectation, and we look forward to the new team’s product, which is shipping this month,” said company CEO William McComb.

He said pro-forma adjusted EBITDA for fiscal 2011 was likely to be at the low end of the company’s previous guidance figure of $80-90m, thanks to negative comps and lower than planned margins at Juicy Couture.

Fiscal 2012 adjusted EBITDA, meanwhile, was forecast to be $125-140m, down from the previous guidance figure of $130-150m.

Liz Claiborne, which has sold or discontinued a number of brands in an effort to restructure its business and enhance profitability, is due to change its name to Fifth & Pacific Companies on or about 15 May this year.