Liz Claiborne Inc is to install the Oracle Retail Price Optimization solution in over 200 of its outlet stores in the United States.

The implementation will enable merchants to capitalise on additional buying opportunities by clearing merchandise earlier in the season to make room for fresher merchandise for shoppers.

Liz Claiborne, which designs and markets 41 brands of fashion apparel and accessories for women, men, teens, children and infants worldwide, says it wants to quickly move inventory in-season because outlet shoppers expect new arrivals each time they visit.

Using the Oracle solution, outlet merchants will have better visibility into the performance of merchandise, enabling them to identify underperformers earlier in the season and make decisions accordingly.

This frees up 'open-to-buy' dollars, enabling them to buy new items more quickly in order to better satisfy consumer needs.

"One of our key initiatives this year is to improve merchandise freshness by reducing inventory carry over from season to season," said Liz Claiborne Outlet president, Paul Thomasset.

"To do this, we must adopt a more sophisticated approach to in-season management and provide our merchants with the ability to make better, more consumer-driven decisions."