Workwear supplier Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, producer of Dickies branded clothing, has installed Logility Voyager Solutions to reduce inventory, increase fill rates and reduce order cycle time through supply chain optimisation and internal collaboration between corporate sales, finance and marketing.

The company will use the software to more accurately forecast customer demand and replenishment of clothing items to improve customer service and reduce inventory and waste throughout the supply chain. It hopes to gain increased visibility, real-time event management and exception-based alert notification for improved agility and response to time critical supply chain events.

With the use of Logility Voyager Event Planning, Williamson-Dickie will track the specific lift of promotional campaigns on top of its normal seasonal demand patterns. This should help it achieve better customer service and increased profitability due to optimised inventory investments and improved in-stock shelf levels.

"Logility provides Williamson-Dickie with the ability to develop a significantly more accurate forecast that will meet the business needs of all functional groups," said Philip Williamson, Williamson-Dickie chairman, CEO and president.

"Through internal collaboration and supply chain event management our company will have the increased visibility to react to market and consumer changes, optimise inventory, and allow our people to focus on value-added activities which will continue to enhance our customer service capabilities."

Williamson-Dickie will be using Logility Voyager Collaborate (an Internet-based B2B supply chain collaboration application), Navigate (an Internet-based supply chain event management application), Demand Planning, Inventory Planning and Event Planning modules.