Textile company Luen Thai International Group is set to invest more than US$100 million in expanding its operations in China, the South China Morning Post has reported.

The Hong Kong-based firm said the move, which will create about 30,000 jobs, was made in response to an expected widespread manufacturing shift to the mainland after the expiration of global textile quotas next year.

"There will be changes in the entire garment industry when global textile quotas are lifted," managing director Henry Tan said.

"China will be the biggest beneficiary."

Construction has already begun on a 1.1 million-square-metre site in Oingyuan, located 20 minutes north of Guangzhou's new international airport.

Tan said he expected the new facility to have a production capacity seven times that of Luen Thai's existing facility in Dongguan, which outputs 1.5 million garments per month.

However, he said the company would increase its workforce in Dongguan from 5000 to 9000 in the near future.