Macpi, the textile machinery group, is launching a range of products for workshops, design and sample rooms, shops and warehouses.The company, which said it supplied machinery to some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, is aiming to capture smaller clients with the new range. "The new range is smaller, more versatile and very cost effective and can create a more professional finish than was previously possible with the available semi-domestic equipment," said a Macpi spokesman. The Macpi 045 is a combination iron and steamer that comes with a range of attachments including a brush head for steaming pile fabrics and a Teflon shoe for ironing delicate fabrics. The 045, which in the past was mainly used by larger manufacturers, can now be used by smaller firms as the steamer now comes with a mobile steam generator. The 045 evolved from a similar product that was developed for the car seat industry. The company claimed that the 045 was more effective than popular "kettle" steamers because its steam boiler carried more water and worked at a higher pressure. As a result, the steam was drier and was therefore more effective. Another benefit was that the 045 gave steam "on demand", unlike the basic steamer which only had steaming or standby modes, Macpi said. The 045, complete with its full range of accessories and high capacity mobile boilers, comes direct from Macpi UK with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. For more information, visit the company's website at