Retail giant Macy’s has unveiled a new initiative aimed at growing and developing its sales to so-called “millennials” – consumers aged 13 to 30.

The company described the age group as “America’s largest and most diverse generation”, claiming that it now spent US$65bn a year on the types of goods sold in its stores.

The plan will be implemented in stages over the next three years, and is designed to “significantly enhance” the shopping experience in Mstylelab (the merchandise area primarily serving customers aged 13 to 22) and Impulse (aimed at consumers aged 19-30).

The key elements identified include: identifying customer lifestyles; enhancing and localising merchandise assortments; relevant omnichannel environments; in-store improvements; and organisational structure.

“We believe we have a great opportunity to accelerate sales growth among customers in this generation,” said Jeffrey Gennette, Macy’s chief merchandising officer.

“Doing so requires us to think from the customer’s point of view about our assortments and store experience, and to align our internal resources so we can move quickly and with focus.”