QMack is one of the new millennial brands launched by Macys

QMack is one of the new millennial brands launched by Macy's

Retail giant Macy’s has continued its “millennial” strategy with the launch of two more exclusive brands in store this August.

Maison Jules and QMack, positioned within the retailer’s Mstylelab and Impulse departments – aimed at consumers aged 13-22 and 19-30 respectively – will initially launch in 150 stores.

Said to be inspired by Parisian street style, Maison Jules offers “unique patterns and modern prints” in burgundy, yellow, navy and peach, including button-down tops with bicycle prints, animal-print dresses, floral skirts and striped cardigans, priced at US$17.50-59.

QMack, inspired by all-American street style, includes blazers, gathered minis, prep school skater skirts, roll-sleeve blouses, easy dresses and cardigans, priced at $29-299.

The autumn will also see new lines for Macy’s millennial brands introduced earlier this year, including Marilyn Monroe, Made Fashion Week, Keds and Teen Vogue.

“Throughout 2013, Macy’s has continued to invest in exclusive brands to engage millennial shoppers who are looking for diverse, current and trend-forward fashion,” said Molly Langenstein, EVP/GMM, millennial and new business development.

Macy's launched its so-called millennial initiative last autumn as part of a drive to boost its business with customers between the ages of 13 and 30.

It said the millennial generation was the US's largest and most diverse age demographic with spending estimated at $65bn each year. Consumers in this group are keenly interested in trends, style and value, the retailer added.