Malden Mills launched its Polartec Thermal-FR flame-resistant fleece fabrics at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo 2000 in Orlando recently. The launch was announced in conjunction with Workrite, a market leader in flame resistant uniforms and specialty protective garments for 25 years, and the first manufacturer to adopt Polartec Thermal-FR fabric. Polartec Thermal-FR fabrics are made with DuPont's inherently flame-resistant Nomex - they will not melt or drip under intense heat. Identical to Malden Mills' benchmark Polartec 200 Series fabrics, with the added benefit of flame resistant technology, these durable fabrics are non-pilling and maintain their insulating ability after repeated laundering. "Malden Mills has long been known for developing high-performance fabrics which create new markets for the industry while assuring optimum performance and comfort for the user," David Costello, director of product marketing and specialty fabrics at Malden Mills, said.