Leading Australian surf and streetwear brand Mambo has been slammed by the government over a new T-shirt that blasts plans for a new nuclear reactor in Syndey.

The New South Wales-based company’s T-shirts feature a picture of a house with a nuclear chimney over a fault-line along with the message "Mr and Mrs Sydney Australia would prefer not to have a nuclear reactor situated halfway up their arse".

Federal Science Minister Peter McGauran issued a statement saying the firm’s design was "appalling" and "misinformed". He also said the design is "offensive" to cancer sufferers who have treatment from medical isotopes produced at such plants.

This is not the first time Mambo has become involved in nuclear protests and used its designs to comment on political matters as it created a shirt protesting against the French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll and released apparel in support of the republic referendum.

However the controvesial T-shirt has been welcomed by campaigners opposed to the proposed development which will be on land above two fault-lines.