The Mango Committed collection uses sustainable materials

The Mango Committed collection uses sustainable materials

Mango has developed a new sustainable collection, Mango Committed, as part of the Spanish fashion chain's bid to create a business model based on sustainability criteria and more environmentally-friendly processes.

The new contemporary clothing line is made with forest-friendly and animal-friendly materials, such as organic and recycled cotton and Tencel, a wood fibre extracted from forests that are sustainably managed, guaranteeing its reforestation.

Fabrics used in the collection are dyed with environmentally-friendly inks and all garments have international certificates guaranteeing their sustainable origin, says Mango. The products are manufactured in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco.

Comprising of 25 women's garments and 20 men's garments, Mango Committed is part of the company's Take Action project. Launched last year, the scheme is part of Mango's bid to carry out its "day-to-day activities" in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. All corporate social responsibility actions are now grouped under the Take Action project.

The company ensures all leather and fur garments in its collection are manufactured respecting animal rights, and exotic, wild or endangered species are never used. It also participates in the Greenpeace Detox Project.

Meanwhile in 2015, Mango launched a project to collect used clothing and footwear at selected stores and has since collected one tonne of unwanted garments.

Mango Committed will be available in selected stores and online from March.