Spanish women's fashion chain Mango is looking for a department store partner to expand its flagship brand in the US, where it already has a strategic alliance with JC Penney.

"We are open to suggestions," business development vice president Jose Gomez said, adding that Mango could strike a deal in the next six to 12 months "if it finds the right partner."

Barcelona-based Mango hopes to open 600 shop-in-shops under the JC Penney alliance signed last year. So far, the company has opened 292 doors, most of which are located on the US East and West Coast.

The pret-a-porter chain, which sells "fashion for young and urban woman", will roll out another 200 doors by the end of August and another 100 by February 2012, Gomez added.

Under the alliance, JC Penney carries the 'MNG By Mango' label that was designed specifically for the department store and is a more casual version of the classical Mango line sold in the retailer's 1,700 global stores.

"Mango is pricier, caters to women aged 25 to 40 years old and has more dresses and suits," Gomez explained. "MNG's core market is 20-35 and is a smaller casual collection."

Mango, which recently opened a new New York flagship store, operates 12 standalones in the US. Gomez said it could install a "few more" by 2015 but that the company prefers to grow through the department-store circuit in the US.

"The US market is very competitive and not our core market for individual stores," he said. However, because of the "success" of the JC Penney partnership, the Mango brand has gained visibility, providing a launching pad for the broader Mango collection, he added.

Barcelona-based Mango already operates shop-in-shops in the UK, France, Germany and Latin America through department-store alliances.