French women's fashion retailer Etam Group is expanding the scope of its marketing activities by extending the reach of a software tool to cover all of its trade names.

The retailer will use Infor's Marketing Management solutions across its Etam, 1.2.3. and rapidly expanding Undiz brands, in a move that will help increase the effectiveness of campaigns and improve visibility among a larger number of employees.

Etam Group has almost 20,000 employees and 4,200 retail outlets throughout the world. It uses Infor's Marketing Management solution to manage campaigns across multiple channels (email, letter, SMS, social networks) where it can analyse the impact of marketing activities on turnover.

The group has also decided to adopt Infor Interaction Advisor, a marketing solution that makes it possible to predict customer preferences and behavioural patterns according to their real-time activity.

"When developing the Undiz brand, we wanted to take our use of Infor's solutions one step further with the updated marketing solution in version 10 so as to benefit from the enhanced social network functionality, which is particularly important for this trade name," explains Grégoire Sanquer, director of information systems for Etam Group.

"At a later stage we also plan to launch the Infor Interaction Advisor range. This will provide our clients with personalised messages in real time and will give a real boost to our brands in a highly competitive sector such as the world of fashion."