An ad for Marks & Spencer's lingerie has been banned by UK authorities for being too sexually suggestive.

The Advertising Standards Authority today (30 November) banned an poster displayed on London buses which pictured a stocking-clad woman kneeling with her legs apart and back arched. The Authority said the ad was "socially irresponsible" and has ordered the UK retailer from all outdoor displays.

The ASA received 15 complaints over two ads, with complainants saying that they were overtly sexual and objectified women, and that they were "sexually suggestive and were likely to be seen by children".

"We considered that the pose of the woman kneeling on the bed was overtly sexual, as her legs were wide apart, her back arched and one arm above her head with the other touching her thigh," the ASA said.

"We also noted that the woman in this image wore stockings. We considered that the image was of an overtly sexual nature and was therefore unsuitable for untargeted outdoor display, as it was likely to be seen by children. We concluded that the ad was socially irresponsible."

A second ad which faced similar scrutiny was not banned as it was "reasonable" to feature women wearing underwear in an ad for lingerie.