• MAS Holdings has joined forces with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to improve its speed-to-market and agility, with the new joint venture company offering contract logistics and fourth-party logistics services across Sri Lanka.
  • A new fashion logistics facility will also open at the MAS compound in Katunayake.
L to R: Tania Polonnowita Wettimuny, MD of Hellmann Sri Lanka; Bart de Vries, COO of Air & Sea Hellmann; Deshamanya Mahesh Amalean, chairman MAS Holdings; and Shirendra Lawrence, COO of MAS Holdings.

L to R: Tania Polonnowita Wettimuny, MD of Hellmann Sri Lanka; Bart de Vries, COO of Air & Sea Hellmann; Deshamanya Mahesh Amalean, chairman MAS Holdings; and Shirendra Lawrence, COO of MAS Holdings.

Sri Lankan apparel and fabric manufacturing conglomerate MAS Holdings has established a new supply chain logistics joint-venture aimed at enhancing the company's agility and speed-to-market.

Partnering with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the new Hellmann MAS Supply Chain (HMSC) will be based in Sri Lanka providing contract logistics and fourth-party logistics services across the country. It will combine Hellmann's existing contract logistics business in Sri Lanka with the in-house logistics activities of MAS.

"We are constantly progressing and looking for dynamic companies to connect with to enhance our service offering beyond our traditional value proposition," says Shirendra Lawrence, chief operating officer of MAS.

"This strategic partnership with global logistics partner Hellmann is timely as it gives MAS a strong foundation to offer warehousing, value added services and 4th party logistics solutions. Hence, it gives us the opportunity to further enhance our agility and speed to market."

The agreement will see the opening of a new fashion logistics facility at the MAS compound in Katunayake Export Promotion Zone (KEPZ). It is the vision of HMSC to create a pull model supply chain using Sri Lanka as the hub for major global fashion brands, help produce market specific products by offering value-added services, and facilitate an e-commerce channel from the source. HSMC will also manage the procurement and coordination of MAS's incoming air freight.

The new venture will provide its services to MAS as well as Hellmann's existing contract logistics customers. These services include warehousing, value added services such as re-packing, labelling, ratio packing and 4PL logistics.

Madhav Kurup, CEO for Hellmann Middle East & South Asia (MESA) explains: "This joint venture is a clear example of two family owned companies with similar DNA coming together to create unique expertise in Sri Lanka that will have the ability to provide services of the highest standards in contract logistics and 4PL. Also, this venture helps us position ourselves as the market trend setter in the global fashion supply chain, as it evolves from a push model to pull model. MAS' well-established credibility with Hellmann's global logistics expertise, systems and processes will make us invincible in the market place."

In a separate announcement, MAS has signed an agreement aimed at aiding its venture into the growing athleisure space.

Through its direct wholly-owned subsidiary, it has signed a joint venture agreement with a subsidiary of fashion manufacturer Best Pacific International Holdings to elevate the expertise and capabilities of its Trischel Fabric business in producing warp and weft knitted synthetic fabrics in Sri Lanka.

The partnership will allow MAS and Best Pacific to collaborate with the common goal of strengthening their competences in innovation and product development in intimate and sportswear fabrics.

"This strategic joint venture with Best Pacific comes at a crucial time when the industry partners need to collaborate more to drive performance improvement across the supply chain in keeping with the pace of innovation," says MAS deputy chairman, Sharad Amalean. "For MAS, this is a partnership that offers potential to explore more growth opportunities in the domain of synthetic fabrics, and with that, focus on more innovative product offerings for our customers."