Imax, a manufacturing division of Italian luxury womenswear business Max Mara, has invested in a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help reduce costs and boost time to market.

The knitwear maker has selected Centric PLM to help keep production costs as low as possible while still producing high-quality clothing and to guarantee on-time deliveries to its customers.

Founded in 1951, the Max Mara Group is Italy's first women's clothing company, with 41 businesses now operating in 105 countries. Its Imax division produces knitwear and jerseys for most of its 35 different labels, with production in Italy as well as some outsourcing to sites in Europe and Asia. While its core business is manufacturing, Imax also provides logistics services to Max Mara's brands.
Although the company previously had a PDM system in place, it was primarily using an ERP system to organise data. Users were lacking visibility and there was a duplication of information across various systems and programmes, creating "inefficiencies and confusion", says the company. 
"The tools we had been using for many years were no longer up to date and were not sophisticated enough for our business processes," explains Giovanni Bisotti, IT manager at Imax Srl. "We had different systems all containing various product data which made it difficult for users to keep up. In some cases, the same data was being entered twice in different systems and occasionally data would not be accessible to some users because it was associated with personal databases or accounts."
Bisotti adds, Imax wanted to simplify its previous system and enable new methods of collaboration, both internally between users and externally with regard to the supply chain.

"We're looking forward to increased efficiency which will reduce our internal costs and time to market," he says. "This is the main objective of the project."