Fashion retailer M&Co says it has cut product returns by online shoppers by 10% since implementing the True Fit data-driven fashion personalisation platform on its site.

The group, which has 300 stores globally, says the software has boosted overall online conversion rates by an extra 150 basis points as well as helping average order value to increase by 27%.

M&Co adopted the True Confidence platform to "engage with new consumer demographics, reduce high return rates and size sampling behaviour, and increase online conversion rates." It eliminates fit and size guesswork by providing recommendations based on each consumer's unique body shape and preferences. 

In the six months since implementation M&Co has validated a 1.5% site-wide boost to conversion and AOV increased 27% for shoppers after registering for True Fit. Additionally, customers who buy a recommended True Fit size compared to those who don't yield a 9.8% lower return rate.

Lesley McCormack, e-commerce product manager at M&Co, says: "e-commerce is a key channel for M&Co, and our goal is to provide the consumer with an experience that instils confidence when purchasing products online, where you can't try before you buy. Personalisation helps drive that experience and in turn, has demonstrated tremendous impact on the business.

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and empowering them to find clothes online that fit and that they want to keep is crucial to ensuring customer confidence and loyalty."