A high profile media figure has slammed athletic apparel and footwear giant Reebok International Ltd for its ties to rapper 50 Cent, the Boston Herald has reported.

Bill O'Reilly, who presents Fox News television program 'The O'Reilly Factor', said the Massachusetts-based company "should be ashamed of themselves" for producing and marketing footwear bearing the controversial rapper's signature and logo.

"They're embracing a guy who's hurting children," O'Reilly said in an episode of the program this week, in which the Congress of Racial Equality identified what it considered to be the 'five worst rappers' and their ties to major corporations.

"I'm not calling for boycotts," he said.

"I just say I'm not doing business with them."

In 2003, O'Reilly took a similar stance against soft drink giant PepsiCo Inc over sponsorship ties to rapper Ludacris, resulting in the company bowing to pressure and dumping its ad campaign.

However, analysts say the 50 Cent G-6 sneaker, which debuted in November, was selling "very well" for Reebok.

"It's a very successful shoe," Wells Fargo Securities analyst John Shanley said.

"The sell-through rate is one of the best ever for a Reebok product in Foot Locker."

As such, Reebok said it was standing by the rapper - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - and would continue to market the footwear line, a portion of the proceeds of which goes to charity.

"We enjoy working with 50 Cent and recognise the excitement he brings to our brand," the company said in a statement.