One in five British men still need a helping hand when it comes to buying new clothes, a nationwide survey published today claims.

Just over 20 per cent of men get hot under the collar when they have to choose which shirt goes with which trousers or what colour shoes to buy.

The only item they are confident of buying without help or advice is underwear, according to the Taylor Nelson survey, which highlights the fact that many men still need someone else to make those wardrobe decisions.

The study, commissioned by John Lewis department stores, also reveals the average British male owns 22 pairs of socks, 15 casual tops, 16 pairs of underpants and six pairs of casual trousers.

Casual or formal trousers, shoes and suits top the list of garments most difficult to choose, while men from the north are the most confident in the high street. Men living in the south come second, while men in the Midlands men trail well behind.

Geri Cox, men's fashion adviser at John Lewis in Oxford Street, London, said: "Men are notorious for their lack of shopping enthusiasm and, in general, would much rather have someone else doing it for them."

The store has now launched the chain's first complimentary Men's Fashion Advisory Service. The service will provide a free 90-minute consultation for customers with a newly-appointed fashion advisor.

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