British retail giant Marks and Spencer has put a group of Tasmanian Merino Wool growers in touch with its fabric and knitwear suppliers in a bid to work out a marketing campaign for Tasmanian wool.

The delegation of growers, led by Roberts wool brokers' senior executive Eric Hutchinson, recently returned from a mission to Europe and Asia where it discussed promotional prospects for the fibre with some of Europe's biggest retailers.

Mr Hutchinson told The Herald and Weekly Times that Tasmania had the advantage of a good reputation for clean, quality products and caring for the environment.

He added that textile operators and retailers were attracted to a Tasmanian Merino Wool campaign because of a guarantee of consistency and continuity of supply.

Rod Thirkell Johnston, a member of the delegation, said there was tremendous concern among mills and retailers about the lack of wool promotion, particularly in Germany. But he said the funding for any campaign had still to be worked out.